Preparing for a Career in Advanced Manufacturing

It's never too late to begin your career development in the high-tech manufacturing world. Technically skilled employees are needed now more than ever, contrary to what you might read or be told! Learn more about different career pathways to help you prepare for a wide variety of advanced manufacturing occupations. There are so many educational options available to help you pursue opportunities within your region, in your state and across the country.

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Tooling U
Cleveland, OH is the leading online training provider focused on the unique needs of manufacturers. Our roots are in manufacturing, and our business started by recognizing the industry's specific needs. While some may report that "manufacturing is dead," or that "all the jobs are overseas," we recognize instead that manufacturing faces a challenge. Today's manufacturers are ready to compete, but to do so successfully, they need the right people, and they need the right knowledge.

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Milford HS & Applied Technology Center
Milford, NH

Programs: Machine Tool/Trades Technology, Manufacturing Technology

Precision Machining 1777
1 Credit Grades 10, 11
This is the first semester of the Precision Machining Program. It will be an introduction to basic machine operations and blueprint read-ing which includes instruction in lathes, mill-ing machines, surface grinders, and drill presses. Students learn basic measuring tech-niques which incorporate the use of microme-ters, depth micrometers, vernier calipers, and dial indicators. Students develop skills to ma-chine parts using raw materials with informa-tion from a blueprint. Skills USA activities are an important part of the student experience in this program.

Advanced Precision Machining 1778
1 Credit Grades 10-12
This course is the continuation of the Precision Machining Program. Students in Advanced Precision Machining review many of the same skills learned in Precision Ma-chining but will use these skills to perform more complex and challenging operations. Students will design and manufacture pro-jects using Master Cam. A strong emphasis is placed on Numeric Control and Computer Numeric Control (NC/CNC) programming. Students will write their own programs to machine parts on the Prototrack milling ma-chine, lathes as well as all Intellitek ma-chines. This course relies heavily on applied activities with many opportunities for stu-dents to take on projects of their own de-sign.

Computer Integrated 1717
1 Credit Grades 10-12
Manufacturing connects skills learned in either Precision Machining or Engineering. This course is designed to engage students with real-world projects that have direct bearing on CAD/CAM (Computer Aided Design/Computer Aided Manufacturing) instructions. Students will explore the latest and most exciting 3-D modeling tools, NC/CNC (Numerical Control/Computer Numerical Control) programming, as well as 2/3 Axis manufacturing. Students will use software to seamlessly couple design to the machines that fabricate parts and assemblies. They will use Computer Aided Manufacturing (CAM) software to translate concept drawings into reality on computer-controlled machines such as lathes, milling machines, and routers. Course completers will have the requisite knowledge of engineering and machining ba-sics, and be able to implement solutions for problems in a machining or engineering world.


Dr. Rosie Deloge
Director of Technical Studies

Phone: (603) 673-4201

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